D.I.Y nano facial treatment

Glowing Healthy Skin from Nano Science Breakthrough -----More radiant, clearer, smoother skin – even when other -treatments have failed.

We know that natural ingredients like aloe, gingko, green tea and collagen can clear and enhance skin temporarily.

But to be really effective they need to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where skin cells are born, so they can nourish new skin and thus have a lasting effect.

Nano is a way of making skin care ingredients up to 100 times smaller. Nano particles can easily pass between skin cells, penetrating to the deep growth layers where they can be absorbed into new cells to nourish healthier, glowing, clear skin.

tu es jolie is the first comprehensive range of nano skin care products in Australia. Based on the latest European technology, it’s the easy, fast, effective way to improve and maintain your skin and to repel the signs of ageing. And it feels great!

tu es jolie promotion

We want our customer to be happy, therefore at this very moment, tu es jolie is running FREE delivery for any order with total sales for $50 and above.

tu es jolie & Cosmopolitan promotion

tu es jolie is constantly throwing promotions to give every woman out there a chance to experience one of our products.

Such as our previous offer for every Cosmopolitan magazine on recent edition for "Free Mask Redemption", where reader can choose which type of mask they would like to received for free.

Keep watching out for our next promotional offer!




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