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An easy tip for healthy, glowing skin is to make sure you drink lots of water. Your body uses water to flush out toxins that can make your skin look flat and dull.

Mild dehydration causes irritability and stress is a major factor in skin eruptions.

So next time you feel like snapping at someone, have a drink first. It may just ease your stress and improve your skin.

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    HOME   Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and salads is a natural way to keep your skin at its best.
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    Beauty Club   Many beauticians and dietitians recommend drinking fruit juice to improve skin quality.

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    FAQs   Vitamin C (citrus) is especially valuable in skin care.

That’s because Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, which is the fibrous material that supports the skin and gives it its bounce.

Results from Vitamin C are often reported to be faster and more apparent than with other treatments.

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        To really make a difference, drink lots of water, eat healthy, exercise a little, cleanse your skin at least every morning and night. Then you can get the most out of advanced skincare treatments.

        Stress is bad for skin tone. Worse is if the stress makes you reach for high-fat “comfort food”.

Surprisingly, an effecive antidote is to smile – even if you don’t feel like it.

Smiling relieves negative emotions including anxiety, anger and nervousness. Smiling exercises the facial muscles and that helps keep the face more firm and supple. A smile triggers the brain to produce endorphins, which reduce stress and pain and promote a feeling of well being.

Smiling can’t be bottled, but it’s still a treatment you can use regularly.